Unusual motives

Sometimes one comes across images with motives that surprise one. Which are so unusual that one is left thinking, and feeling in new ways. That wonder is valuable.

Remedios Varo: Stolen substance

Stolen substance of Remedios Varo is weird. Invisible people, and an animal, around a campfire. Behind is a creature with many legs and one outstretched face. Many interpretations of the image emerge, such as the internet, governance, ideologies. The colours and texture make the image interesting as a painting. It has a very mysterious aura.

What the water gave me by Frida Kahlo is strangely moving. In the water she could feel relaxed and have a moment of time to let the thoughts fly. You are taken out of the ordinary world, and your senses get to enjoy warmth and weightlessness. An inspiring picture with those cold and warm colors, and the perspective that makes one feel that one is looking at a continent floating on the sea, In the midst of intimacy and nudity.

Frida Kahlo: What the water gave me

This is a fascinating picture. It is dedicated to Pieter Brueghel the Elder, but cannot have been painted by him. The title of the image is “Landscape with the fall of Icarus

The spirit of the picture is mysterious, dreamlike. He who ploughs looks down, the shepherd behind looks up, the fisherman down by the lake looks towards the line and the rod. Everyone is in his own state, and does not see Icarus who has fallen into the ocean, (we see his foot in the sea).