Spiritual Images

God, by Cranach, Quarton and Bosch

Lucas Cranach: Eden

God the Father could be described as a parent to Adam and Eve. He is clothed, and seems to be explaining the law to the young couple standing before him.

Enguerrand Quarton: The Coronation of the Virgin.

Quarton has painted the Father and the Son as one and the same person, the holy Spirit as a dove between them. This picture has a symmetry and power that stands out. Brave, strong colors. It stands out for its finely tuned originality.

Hieronimus Bosch: Eden

Here, God is the creator. Adam and Eve looks newly minted, ready to be impressed with God´s words. But he is looking at us, too, I can imagine him saying: “I have made you all, I am the Lord.” This painting gives God an attitude not often seen elsewhere.